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Optical Power Expert PX1/PX1-PRO

State-of-the-art power meter with Bluetooth connectivity, a wide touchscreen and best-in-class optical performances. In a pocket-sized form factor. Turns on instantly for use on the go.

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The Optical Power Expert is an essential device in today’s field toolkit to measure the optical signal power (dBm) or link loss (dB). With the Optical Power Expert, save field test results on the device and share reports through your smartphone a. Leverage the TestFlow mobile app to simplify your workflow and test results management, while also receiving field updates that enable new features. The Optical Power Expert enables technicians to close more jobs, better and more efficiently through industry-leading features such as bundled wavelengths or instant boot up for use on the go. The device comes with built-in expertise with automation that avoids human error (smart features such as auto-wavelength recognition and switching). The power meter comes with best in-class performances, a wide color touchscreen and an intuitive graphical interface. Pocket-sized and rugged, the device is designed for extensive use in the field. It has a high capacity data storage for test results.

  • Connect to smart app via Bluetooth: data reporting from the field, cloud storage, workflow management
  • User-friendly: Compact, color touchscreen and intuitive interface
  • Robust and rugged: IP54 design for dust and water protection
  • Time-saving features: no offset nulling, lightning-fast boot-up
  • Data storage
  • 3-year warranty and calibration interval

Added features for PX1-PRO

  • Visual fault locator
  • Error-free, automated wavelength recognition and switching

Optical Power Expert PX1/PX1-PRO Specifications

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