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Technico has been operating in the telecoms market since 1953 and since 1989 has provided a diverse range of Fujikura and EXFO’s optic fibre installation and test solutions in the Irish market ranging from core alignment splicers to basic power meters to turnkey results in Optical Dispersion and 400Gbit testing

Projects & Design

Technico is a project driven company.  Our resources are tailored to meet the needs of each project undertaken, dependant on the duration of deployment and support required.


Technico provides full training and maintenance courses on all products at our training facility in Clontarf, Dublin 3, and at off-site locations.


Technico has developed detailed project management procedures using recognized international standards and software.  These procedures are adapted and tailored on a project by project basis per our customer’s requirements.


Technico prides itself in the level of support we provide to our customers. This includes but is not limited to: Training, Support Stock, Technical Support, Technical Library and Webinars


Our close adherence to service standards ensures that each customer’s requirements are reviewed regularly to ensure improvements to quality of services are identified and implemented.


Technico offers a full range of Fiber Optic Installation and Testing equipment to ensure our customers always have the right tools to finish the job.

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