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Large Diameter Optical Fiber Cleaver CT-105+

The CT-105+ is designed for cleaving glass optical fibres, microstructure fibres and capillaries applicable up to 1,250 μm diameter fibre.


The CT-105+ is a high precision large diameter fibre (LDF) cleaver designed for fusion splicing and glass processing preparation.

CT-105+ offers high precision LDF cleaving capability – applicable from 80 up to 1,250 μm diameter fibres, and can perform both flat and angled cleaves.

CT-105+ provides advanced capabilities; including extensive programmable features to ensure optimal and consistent results.

Such features include: a programmable automatic clamp function, an angle cleaving function, storage for up to 100 program modes, a blade life of 20,000 fibres with a cladding diameter of 125μm and applicable optical fibre include not only solid glass optical fibres but also microstructured fibres and capillaries.

The CT-105+ determines the optimal fiber clamping force and will minimize the clamping force against the proof tension to reach the best cleave angles. Different optical fiber structures and coating materials can influence these results. The CT-105+ has a new function that can detect the optimal clamping force automatically. With this function, it is not necessary to use/waste the fiber to optimize the clamping force. This system is also much faster than the previous method.

The CT-105+ uses the new CB-06A blade which increases the blade life dramatically to 200,000 cleaves (using 125um fibres). The CB-06A is compatible with previous, CT-105 series models. Ideal for Fibre laser, Optical fibre sensor, Oil and gas, Medical, R&D, Defence, Optical components, Submarine cable.

  • Programmable and automatic clamp system
  • Large diameter fibre cleaving capability applicable from 80 up to 1,250 μm
  • Applicable for glass optical fibre, microstructure fibres and capillaries.
  • Blade life of 20,000 cleaves with a cladding diameter of 125 um
  • Cleaving lengths from 5 – 40 mm
  • Storage function for up to 100 program modes
  • Colour LCD monitor display
  • USB communication for PC connection.
  • Increased blade life with the new CB-06A – 200,000 cleaves (with 125um fibres).

LDF CT-105+ Cleaver Specification Sheet

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