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400G Multiservice Module FTBx-88460 Power Blazer

The most compact multiservice 400G test solution on the market for field applications


The FTBx-88460 Power Blazer Series offers advanced Ethernet testing capabilities, including forward error correction monitoring and validation. The Power Blazer’s 400G Ethernet testing capabilities include:

  • 400G Ethernet MAC PCS/PMA/PMD layer testing
  • FEC KP4 RS (544, 514) decoding and error correction
  • Test pattern monitoring
  • MDIO read/write
  • Alarms/errors generating and monitoring
  • Skew measurement per lane
  • FEC testing
  • BER monitoring
  • 400G Ethernet testing capabilities based on the draft IEEE 802.3bs standard
  • With EXFO’s Open Transceiver System (OTS): innovative, evolutionary design enabling any transceiver (now or future) to fit into an EXFO test solution (FTBx-88460)
  • FlexE (Flex Ethernet) testing capabilities with low- and high-speed Ethernet clients
  • Integrated 4 x QSFP28, QSFP-DD, CFP8 and OSFP interfaces to facilitate the testing of 400G networks
  • Compatible with the portable FTB-4 Pro Platform for the market’s most compact 400G solution—ready for lab-to-field transition applications
  • Supports quick optical transceiver validation and sanity check using iOptics, an intelligent pluggable optics test application

400G Power Blazer Series Specification


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